5 thoughts on “いつ死んでも不思議ではない危険なタイヤ交換

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    1. Maribeth

      Text autosizing does break the layout on all pages that care about it. This is a major drawback against the previous &quoe;stablt" version. Chrome has now become generally unusable for mobile webdesign.

  2. Kylia

    Sam,Hitler did not kill the Jews in the name of CHIATTRINISY. However, often Muslim terrorists kill people in the name of ISLAM.Islamic terrorism is surely a misnomer. Islam has never sanctioned terrorism. However, if people who show surface allegiance to Islam carry out acts of terrorism, non Muslims who are unaware of genuine Islamic teachings will attribute it to Islam.The Muslim Ummah has the same right to dignity and respect as other communities. However, it has to at the same time back itself up with substantial education, so that it can present coherent arguments.